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Article 18 A - When employees report an illness or injury has occurred in the performance of official duties, the employees, upon request, will be promptly counseled by trained personnel as to their right to file for compensation benefits and the benefits payable.

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NBPC Statement on CBP Integrity Advisory Panel

The National Border Patrol Council does not condone corruption by Border Patrol agents nor the abuse of illegal aliens.  Those who commit these crimes do not deserve to have the honor of being U.S. Border Patrol agents.


In typical Customs and Border Protection fashion however, they are throwing numbers at a problem by calling for the hiring of 350 Internal Affairs investigators.  The National Border Patrol Council sees this recommendation as premature and calls on CBP to review its internal investigation capabilities.  Overlapping areas of responsibility need to be eliminated, integrity issues amongst investigators eliminated, and clear, concise guidance given to all employees on how investigations will be used.


NBPC Statement on Alleged Collusion

As uncomfortable as it is for some activist groups to admit, the U.S. border with Mexico is not secure. Daily our agents risk their lives to keep violent people, dangerous drugs, and potential terrorists from entering our nation and causing harm to our citizens.

But instead of engaging in a meaningful debate, some immigration activists choose to attack Border Patrol agents for speaking the truth. Rather than discussing the challenges of border security and immigration reform, the Center for New Community decided to attack our organization.


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  • Bakersfield Police Department (CA)

    Jun 26, 2015 | 14:03 pm

    Bakersfield Police Department (CA) Police Officer David Nelson was killed in a vehicle crash while involved in a vehicle pursuit at approximately 2:40 am.The pursuit started when he attempted to conduct a traffic stop...


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