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Article 26 I - Supervisors will allow sufficient time during regularly schedule tours of duty for preparation of travel vouchers.

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H.R. 2252 Passes Senate

A short time ago, H.R. 2252 was passed by the United States Senate.  This bill will restore Border Patrol agents as employees that receive Fair Labor Standards Act pay until the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act is fully implemented.  The National Border Patrol Council would like to thank Senators Johnson, McCain, Tester, and Cardin, their staffs, and the many others who helped make this happen.

H.R. 2252 Passes House of Representatives

Earlier today, H.R. 2252, a bill to clarify provisions of the Border Patrol Pay Reform Act of 2014, was passed by the House of Representatives by unanimous consent.  The bill will now head to the United States Senate for consideration.  We have been advised that it should receive swift passage there as well.

The National Border Patrol Council would like to thank Rep. William Hurd of Texas's 23rd Congressional District and his staff for their efforts in shepherding this bill through the legislative process.  Rep. Hurd’s championing of this bill will have a significant impact on border security and the financial well-being of Border Patrol agents nationwide.


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