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  • Obama administration’s release of illegal immigrants unlawful, audit finds

    Washington Times By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 12, 2014 The Obama administration violated the law when it released thousands of illegal immigrants last February, more than 600 of whom had criminal records, according to an internal audit released Tuesday that blamed the problem on poor planning and bad leadership from Washington. Compounding matters, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave bad information to Congress about the releases, initially blaming the looming budget Read More
  • Republicans say Democrats lack clout in Legislature

    Sept. 19–Republican Chris Ackerley snuck a high school science lesson in on Tuesday’s Arizona Clean Elections debate. The Sahuarita High School physics teacher, who is running for a House seat in Legislative District 2, couched the explanation in political terms as he asked the audience for their vote in November. Simply... Read More
  • Senate Passes Bill to Curtail Border Patrol Overtime

    Legislation to overhaul the Border Patrol agents pay system passed the Senate late Thursday, though final action on the bill will likely wait until November.The measure (S 1691), which senators passed by voice vote, is aimed at reining in the agency’s use of "administratively uncontrollable overtime" by allowing agents to choose... Read More
  • Customs and Border Protection’s deadly force problem

    The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, Sept. 17: ___ The new head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s internal affairs office made a troubling assertion late last week. Since 2004, he said, the agency has apparently taken no disciplinary action against any of its agents who have used deadly... Read More
  • Feds mum on prosecution of illegal border crossers

    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The federal government refuses to say whether prosecutors in Yuma, Arizona, have scaled back a years-old program that guarantees jail time for most immigrants caught crossing the border illegally and which law enforcement officials say is crucial to public safety.Reports that federal prosecutors have stopped some... Read More
  • Three allegedly undocumented Vietnamese citizens found in cab in Hogansburg

    Sept. 19–HOGANSBURG — Three Vietnamese citizens riding in a taxi were charged Thursday by U.S. Border Patrol agents with having entered the United States without being examined by immigration officers. Van Huog Nguyen, a male, and Thi Huong Nguyen and Ngan Thi Ho, both females, ages unavailable, were detained at about 5:20... Read More
  • Guard’s border mission may run 5 months

    Sept. 20–SAN ANTONIO — The Texas National Guard hasn’t said how long its border-security mission in the Rio Grande Valley would last, but its operational plan calls for a deployment of up to five months, wrapping up in mid-January. The Guard’s planning document for Operation Strong Safety, marked unclassified but... Read More
  • Armed citizens called ‘patriots’ stir emotions in the Rio Grande Valley

    Sept. 21–CAMERON COUNTY — One recent evening, the sound of a rapid succession of gunshots echoed across a freshly shorn field of cotton near the Rio Grande and carried into the home of Pamela Taylor, who sat on her couch, smiling. The gunfire came from some heavily armed civilians who call themselves “American... Read More
  • BRIEF: Alleged government border agent expresses support for armed civilians

    Sept. 21–Some Rio Grande Valley landowners are pleased to see armed civilians on the lookout for immigrants trying to sneak into the country. Others aren’t convinced and think the self-proclaimed Patriots could be dangerous and interfere with the thousands of federal border agents, state troopers and National Guardsmen already... Read More
  • BRIEF: Off-duty Alamogordo Border Patrol agent arrested

    Sept. 21–SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Police Department officers arrested an off-duty Alamogordo Border Patrol agent for allegedly assaulting a woman Friday night, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection press release. According to the release, U.S. Border Patrol agents restrained the off-duty Border Patrol agent then... Read More
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Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act

Attached is the current version of the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act (S. 1691), which was passed by the Senate on September 18, 2014.  

Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act

We have also attached a document which provides an English language breakdown of the bill, the hearings, and amendments.

Breakdown of S. 1691, Hearings, and Amendments

The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

National Border Patrol Council Praises the Senate Passage of Pay Reform

As the threat from ISIS increases the U.S. Senate has taken steps to increase border and cybersecurity. The passage of S. 2354 - DHS Cybersecurity Workforce Recruitment and Retention Act of 2014 increases resources to protect our nation from cyber attacks and from dangerous individuals, cartels and terrorists attempting to cross our borders.

Brandon Judd, NBPC National President, praised the Senate for passing this important legislation. “The men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol would like to thank Senator McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) for their tireless efforts. We are honored to have worked with these longtime friends and advocates of Border Patrol agents, our nation’s first line of defense.”

Judd said the legislation makes our nation safer. “It effectively puts another 1,500 highly trained agents on the border while saving taxpayers $100 million a year. Given the crisis in the Middle East, it is critical that we secure our borders, and we simply cannot do it without the passage of this legislation.”

“It is now time for the House of Representatives to act,” he added. “As the ISIS threat grows, we have less manpower on the border today than we did two years ago. Potentially adding another 1,500 highly trained and motivated Agents will make a huge difference. The House of Representatives is in session only one more week before they recess. The question my Agents keep asking themselves is will they act.”

Border Patrol Pay Reform Act Passes Senate

The National Border Patrol Council would like to thank Senators Tester and McCain for reaching across the aisle and sponsoring the bipartisan Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act. The BPAPRA was combined with the Cybersecurity Authorization today and it passed the Senate. It has now been sent to the House for consideration. We still have a lot of work to do. This is not a done deal yet.

We are grateful for the elected representatives and their staffs who put so much work into getting this through the Senate. Along with Senators Tester and McCain, we would also like to recognize and thank Senators Cornyn, Heitkamp, Ayotte and Flake for co-sponsorsing this important legislation.

Not Enough Money For Enforcement, But Plenty For Art

Feds to Spend $500,000 for New Art at Customs and Border Protection Facility in San Diego

For the past few years Customs and Border Protection has seen a marked decrease in budgetary requests and appropriations when it comes to employee salaries.  The start of sequestration saw the first ever across-the-board decrease in the amount of Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) for Border Patrol agents.  This cut resulted in a decrease in manpower in the field, equivalent to 1,200 agents, during the shift changes which have always been the most vulnerable times.  


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  • Newark Police Department (NJ)

    Sep 24, 2014 | 16:33 pm

    Newark Police Department (NJ) Police Officer Reinaldo Arocha suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after he and another officers had to subdue an emotionally disturbed person who was being taken into custody.He had returned...


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