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  • House GOP proposes to make it easier to deport Central American minors

    House Republicans proposed legislation Tuesday that would amend federal law to make it easier to deport Central American minors and devote $659 million in emergency funding to address the growing humanitarian crisis on the southern border, as GOP leaders try to win enough support from skeptical conservatives to pass a bill by Thursday.The amount... Read More
  • Gov. Perry: No arrest authority for Guard "at this time"; on border

    July 26–AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry’s office emphasized Friday that his dispatch of National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border doesn’t include giving them arrest authority “at this time.” The Texas Department of Public Safety “has a strong framework for law-enforcement operations along the border and Governor Perry has great confidence in their ability to keep Texans safe,” Perry spokesman Travis Considine said. Read More
  • DPS, National Guard: Border deployment will not deal with kids

    July 30–AUSTIN — Leaders of the Texas National Guard and the Department of Public Safety on Tuesday said it was not their idea to deploy forces to South Texas, starting with a “surge” of state troopers in June. Testifying before a legislative committee, the leaders said that the Central American children who have... Read More
  • White House working on plan to expand immigrant rights

    WASHINGTON _ Even as President Barack Obama grapples with the crisis of immigrant children arriving at the Southwest border, White House officials are laying the groundwork for a large-scale expansion of immigrant rights that would come by executive action within weeks. Officials signaled strongly Friday that Obama’s move would... Read More
  • Proposed shelter for immigrant kids could swell border town

    July 27–CLINT — A New York-based company has proposed building a 3,500-bed shelter just outside the boundary of this bucolic farming town to house unaccompanied children caught crossing the border illegally. If the project goes ahead, the so-called “Abraham Lincoln Transitional Lodge” would become the largest... Read More
  • Storms knock down US-Mexico fence in Arizona

    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — An unusual amount of rain that ravaged parts of southern Arizona also knocked down 60 feet of the rebar-reinforced steel fence that divides the U.S. and Mexico.The storms began Friday in Sonora, Mexico, and resumed Saturday night until Sunday morning, when debris from the Mexican side of the border traveled through a... Read More
  • House Passes Customs and Border Protection Authorization Bill

    A measure that would authorize U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the first time passed in the House on Monday.Lawmakers advanced the bill (HR 3846) by voice vote. The bill’s passage marks the first time either the House or Senate has backed a formal authorization of the CBP and its security functions, which include the Border Patrol and... Read More
  • Texas law enforcement did not ask Perry for National Guard deployment, officials say

    July 30–AUSTIN — Neither the Texas National Guard nor the state Department of Public Safety asked Gov. Rick Perry to deploy the guard to help the department fight crime on the southern border, the leaders of the groups told a special legislative committee Tuesday. Adjutant General John Nichols and DPS Director Steve McCraw... Read More
  • OPINION: Right-wing misinformation lures in immigrant kids

    July 29–So, I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed a couple of days ago when I come across this headline: “Children crossing border: ‘Obama will take care of us.'” There’s a link to a story on one of those right-wing, Obama’s-a-Kenyan-Muslim-terrorist websites in the tweet, so I tap it. There... Read More
  • Mexican mother sues U.S. Border Patrol over son’s shooting death

    July 29–REPORTING FROM TUCSON — The mother of a 16-year-old Mexican boy fatally shot by Border Patrol agents firing from the U.S. side of the border into Nogales, Mexico, has sued the U.S. government, demanding that a jury hear evidence about what she alleges were the unlawful actions of agents, her attorneys and the American... Read More
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Latest Pay Reform Documents

To avoid any confusion or misinformation on the Border Patrol Pay Reform Act, we are providing the following document.  

Below is the Senate Bill that was proposed at markup. This is not the final version that passed the committee but it is the Amendment in the form of a substitute that was submitted. The final language that passed committee along with this has not been written and is not available in text.  The other change is a 2nd degree amendment submitted by Senator Tester that superseded the amendment submitted by Dr. Coburn. The 2nd degree amendment affects HQ, the academy, and admin positions but does not affect field agents.  When the text becomes available, we'll post it.

Document No. 1

Local 2266 Declares "No Confidence" in Beecher Falls Patrol Agent in Charge

Local 2266 and the Bargaining Unit Agents of the Beecher Falls Border Patrol Station are making a declaration of NO CONFIDENCE in the ability of Paul Kuhn, the Patrol Agent in Charge (PAIC) of the Beecher Falls Border Patrol Station, to competently and efficiently carry out his duties and lead our agents. Mr. Kuhn’s decisions and policies have greatly reduced the effectiveness of the bargaining members of the station. These actions have reduced the overall security of the United States of America.


A Sincere Thank You to Mercury One

The National Border Patrol Council wishes to thank Glenn Beck and Mercury One for the recent contribution to the Border Patrol Agents Legal Defense and Relief Fund.  Their generous contribution will go towards helping Border Patrol agents in need and the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

We appreciate greatly that Mr. Beck and Mercury One have recognized the hard work and sefless dedication of Border Patrol agents nationwide.  It is good to know that there are those willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with Border Patrol agents and to assist in "Protecting Those Who Protect Our Borders."

Update on TSA Allowing Illegal Aliens to Fly with NTAs

It is our understanding that on July 11, 2014 at 11PM local time, TSA employees at the Laredo International Airport notified Border Patrol agents that they had received an email with instructions to no longer allow illegal aliens to fly commercially using an I-862 as their sole form of identification.  The TSA employees stated that illegal aliens would be allowed to fly using an I-862 accompanied by a foreign passport or foreign ID.

This malfeasance had been occuring for several weeks putting numerous commercial flights at risk.  Only after media attention was brought to bear did the federal government take action to correct it, after it was repeatedly denied by the TSA spokesperson.  As of this posting no one in the federal government has publicly admitted that this was occuring or that the situation has been remedied.

These types of incidents should never happen in the first place.  TSA exists because in 2001, 19 people exploited our immigration system and then brought terror to American cities via our commercial transportation system.  Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. 

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ODMP Notifications

  • Mendota Heights Police Department (MN)

    Jul 30, 2014 | 18:09 pm

    Mendota Heights Police Department (MN) Police Officer Scott Patrick was shot and killed while making a traffic stop near the intersection of Dodd Road and Smith Avenue, in West St. Paul, at 12:20 pm.Officer Patrick...


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