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National Border Patrol Council created the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) to assist  Border Patrol Agents. Under the direction of the EEO Coordinator, the Office of EEO will provide information, assistance, and guidance with all matters related to EEO. 

Until more information is posted, here are a few useful sites (external links) of interest that will be covered under the Office of Health Services.

Informational Websites

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

EEOC Information for Federal Employees

Discriminatory Practices

Federal Sector Alternative Dispute Resolution Fact Sheet

Federal Sector EEO Complaint Processing Regulations Fact Sheet

Significant Cases

FLRA Decision 56 FLRA No. 117 - EEO Investigator Interrogation of Union Representative

FLRA Decision 57 FLRA No. 65 - Formal Discussion - Mediation of EEO Complaint

Court Cases.


A.    What is an unfair labor practice charge?

An unfair labor practice charge (ULP) is an allegation that an agency (or a union) has violated one or more subsections of 5 USC Section 7116(a). 

B.  Who can file a charge?

Any individual, labor organization or agency can file a charge.  An individual filing charges on behalf of the union must be authorized by the union to file charges. 

C.  When do you file a charge?

The time limit for filing an unfair labor practice charge (ULP) is six months, and it must be received in the appropriate regional office of the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) before the time limit expires. The postmark date means nothing; the time limits keep running until the charge is in the FLRA’s hands.  By law, this six month time limit cannot be extended.  A charge can be delivered in person, by regular mail, by certified mail, or by commercial delivery (such as UPS or Fedex), or by fax.  However, if the charge is filed by fax, it cannot exceed two pages.  If you file the charge by fax, do not send another copy by mail.  It just confuses the heck out of the FLRA Regional Office, and sometimes the same case ends up with two case numbers! 

OT Lawsuit

If you are a border patrol agent who is a member of the NBPC union, click here for info to sign up for the overtime lawsuit.



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